Simplified, modern, customised Pacific business laws

Pacific economies are constrained by outdated and inappropriate laws and regulations. 

In many cases, laws are simply absent. The key legal areas of company formation, contracting, dispute resolution, and insolvency present a common theme in all Pacific DMCs—they are uncertain, poorly enforced, increase the transaction costs for business, and do very little to provide the legal platform necessary to support a robust and developing private sector.  These laws have little impact and are not accessible to the majority of the population and do not foster economic activity by community groups, women, small farmers, or local entrepreneurs.

PSDI is working with Pacific governments to reform their business law frameworks to be more inclusive and accessible to poorer people, women engaged in business activity, and residents of rural and remote communities. Examples of PSDI supported reform include:
  • enabling businesses to incorporate a company quickly, locally, and for a relatively small cost,
  • making formality far simpler for small businesses to achieve through the introduction of single shareholder/single director companies, and
  • providing a form of corporation for village and community businesses that is easy to establish and that provides a superior vehicle for the receipt of profi ts or revenues from royalties.
Other priority action areas for PSDI include the establishment of online business registries, new laws on insolvency and trusteeships, further reforms of Companies Acts, and improvements in foreign investment regimes.

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