3 November 2016

PSDI case study: How engaging the private sector invigorated Samoa’s construction industry

Creating Jobs in Samoa through Public-Private Partnerships cover
A new PSDI case study examines Samoa’s success in contracting out its road building and maintenance work.

In 2002, Samoa’s Public Works Department was radically restructured, changing from a public construction agency to a contract manager with private sector. As Creating Jobs in Samoa through Public-Private Partnerships identifies, the results of this reform have been dramatic. They include:
the development of a dynamic and competitive construction industry;
the creation of more than 2000 jobs; and,
a fourfold increase in road building productivity.

The relevance of these reforms to the region are discussed in this op-ed published in Islands Business magazine, and PSDI Lead Economist Paul Holden can be heard discussing the reforms in Samoa in this interview with Radio Australia's Pacific Beat program.