2 March 2016

Women's Business Leadership pilot project wraps up in Tonga

Graduates of PSDI’s Women’s Business Leadership pilot project in Nuku’alofa, Tonga on March 2: (back row left to right) Ofeina Filimoehala, Tonga Development Bank; Siosina Paongo, Tonga Development Bank; Otolose Tatafu, ANZ; Jane Guttenbeil, Tonga Power; Unaloto Mafi, Pacific Retail; Norma Lavemai, Tonga Airports; Emele Hia, BSP; Leveni Asitomani, Oe; and (front row, left to right) Olivia Fukofuka, New Zealand High Commission; Lynette Mayne, course trainer; Valerie Mosley, course trainer; and Debra Allan, New Zealand High Commission.
The last of three, two-day training sessions for PSDI's Women's Business Leadership pilot project was held in  Nuku’alofa, Tonga today.

The project was designed to help mid-level professional women reach leadership roles. It provided skills training, paired participants with Tongan and international mentors, solicited ‘male champions’ to promote cultural change, and elicited commitments from major Tongan businesses to support women’s professional advancement.

Fourteen women employees of major Tongan businesses and government departments were awarded certificates at a graduation ceremony attended by their mentors and employers as well as local media. The mentoring component of the project will continue.