25 August 2015

Women's professional leadership pilot project launched in Tonga

Participants at the first training session of PSDI's women's business leadership pilot project in Nuku'alofa, Tonga on 25 August, 2015. Also pictured are PSDI's Gender Expert Vijaya Nagarajan and pilot project trainer Valerie Mosley. 
A PSDI pilot project that will prepare women for leadership roles in the private sector has been launched in Tonga.

The pilot project will train 17 women employees of Tongan companies and organizations to become more ambitious, capable and confident in approaching leadership roles. It is one of four pilot projects being implemented under PSDI's Economic Empowerment of Women focus area.

The participants met for the first two-day training session in Nuku'alofa on 25 August, with two more training sessions to be held in the coming six months. The trainings will be complemented by online courses and the mentoring of participants by local and international business women.  

Numerous Tongan businesses and government agencies are supporting the project by encouraging their to staff to participate or mentor, providing material assistance and facilities, and committing to facilitating follow-up trainings so course participants can pass on what they learned to other women. Participating Tongan employers include the Ministry of Commerce, Tourism and Labour; Tonga Power; Pacific Retail Ltd; ANZ Bank; the Ministry of Revenue and Customs; Tonga Airports; Tonga Development Bank; and Bank South Pacific.

The next training session will be on 3-4 November.

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