22 June 2015

PSDI featured in SME financing report

PSDI’s work in three countries has been featured in a new book published by the Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion.

The book, Enhancing SME Access to Finance: Case Studies, is comprised of 23 case studies of policy interventions and regulatory changes that promote SME growth through improved access to finance. The case studies are taken from all over the world and were selected from more than 100 submissions. 

PSDI-supported reforms in Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Samoa are detailed in two case studies in the book, the only ones to highlight the Pacific region or the work of the ADB. One of the PSDI-based case studies examines the creation of registries in Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands to enable the ‘collateralization’ of movable assets. The other looks at benefits stemming from business law reforms and the creation of online business registration services in Solomon Islands and Samoa that promote the formalization of businesses.

The book can be downloaded here.