24 June 2014

ADB and PSDI seek a Banking Operations Expert for assignment in Timor-Leste

PSDI is seeking to recruit a Banking Operations Expert in Timor-Leste. The objective and purpose of the assignment is as follows

  • The National Commercial Bank of Timor-Leste (BNCTL), formerly the Institute of Microfinance Timor-Leste (IMfTL), was granted an unrestricted banking license in July 2011. The bank continues to implement a process to transition into a sustainable, best-practice commercial bank, with assistance from the Asian Development Bank (ADB). 
  • The successful candidate will assist BNCTL to lay the foundation for the commercial transformation of the bank, as desired by the BNCTL board. The Board of Directors of BNCTL has approved the establishment of a new Operations Department at the bank’s Head Office in Dili and the corresponding appointment of an Operations Manager.
  • The Government of Timor-Leste and Board and management of BNCTL have requested ADB technical assistance to support bank management and the head of the operations department to align bank operations with the commercial objectives prescribed by the BNCTL business plan, and to develop staff capability within the Operations Department.

Expressions of interest should be submitted by 15 July. 

Applications should be made through ADB's consultant management web page. Click here for full details.

Scope of Work

The expert will:

(i) Assist the manager of the Operations Department within BNCTL to realign BNCTL operations with the Board’s objective of the commercial transformation of BNCTL, especially credit and treasury operations, and the IT infrastructure needed to support bank operations; and

(ii) Assist the BNCTL Board and senior management with the continued development of the BNCTL business plan, and the development of key performance indicators (KPIs) to support this transformation.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output

The expert will undertake the following tasks:

(i) Bank operations

  1. Advise on the structure of the Operations Department, and the roles, responsibilities, and reporting lines of Operations Department staff.
  2. Identify knowledge gaps of Operations Department staff relative the requirements of the BNCTL Business Plan, and make recommendations on the type of training needed to redress these gaps.
  3. Conduct an initial assessment of suitability of existing BNCTL IT infrastructure to support commercial transformation, and assist BNCTL management to identify priorities for IT system development and how to approach IT development;
  4. Review adequacy of bank operational policies, procedures, limits, and manuals against the commercial transformation objective and make recommendations for change consistent with the regulatory and banking environment in Timor-Leste;
  5. Review the cost of providing existing products and services, recommend changes to the product and service mix consistent with the commercial transformation of BNCTL, including recommendations on the enhancement of existing products and services and adoption of new products and services.
  6. Advise on other BNCTL operations, as required by the General Manager BNCTL, including electronic, mobile branchless banking services, and the establishment of new operational units.
(ii) Business plan
  1. Assess the implications of the BNCTL business plan for the development of BNCTL operations and the structuring of the Operations Department;
  2. Advise on any changes that would strengthen the linkage in the business plan between the development of the Operations Department and the commercial transformation of BNCTL;
  3. Prepare a draft 5-year development plan with annual milestones for BNCTL management for credit operations and treasury operations.
  4. Advise on the KPIs appropriate to all aspects of business plan implementation and prepare easily measurable and quantifiable KPIs for each business and support unit of BNCTL consistent with the governance functions of the BNCTL board of directors.
  5. Advise on the design of effective work plans and monitoring and reporting mechanisms for all BNCTL operations.
The expert will undertake the detailed tasks specified in this TOR in accordance with the National Strategy to Promote Gender Equality in Private Sector Development coordinated by the State Secretary for Support and Promotion of the Private Sector Timor Leste (SEAPRI) and the
Strategic Plan 2012 – 2017 developed by the Secretary of State for the promotion of Equality (SEPI).
The expert will work under the supervision of the task manager in ADB’s Pacific Liaison and  Coordination Office. Within BNCTL, the expert will report to the General Manager and will work closely with the Operations Manager. When required, the expert will also undertake briefings for, and provide advice to, the BNCTL board of directors, at the direction of the Chairman of the BNCTL board, consistent with the detailed tasks specified in the TOR.
The Expert will provide a proposed work plan for the duration of the assignment to the ADB task manager and Manager Operations Department BNCTL within two weeks of the start of the assignment. The expert will also submit brief monthly progress reports to ADB, and BNCTL through the General Manager.

Minimum Qualification Requirements


  1. Experience in establishing and/or managing operations departments in commercial banks in developing countries, and preferably in the Asia-Pacific region.
  2. At least 15 years of relevant professional work experience in operational aspects of commercial banking, particularly in credit operations, treasury operations, and IT services.
  3. At least 10 years of relevant professional work experience in a managerial capacity in a commercial bank.
  4. Demonstrated experience in developing and implementing business plans for a commercial bank.
  5. Demonstrated experience in developing/enhancing deposit and loan products, including electronic banking products.
  6. Demonstrated experience in developing and implementing KPIs for commercial bank operations.


  1. Experience in Timor-Leste.
  2. Experience in an advisory or mentoring role in a commercial bank in a developing country.
  3. Experience in the commercial transformation of microfinance or microbanking institutions.
  4. Good knowledge of current banking technologies.
  5. A university degree in banking, finance, or a related field; preferably at a post-graduate level or its equivalent.
  6. Communication skills in Bahasa Indonesia or Tetum, in addition to English.

Minimum General Experience 15 Years
Minimum Specific Experience (relevant to assignment) 10 Years
Regional/Country Experience:  Required


Pacific Private Sector Development Initiative is a regional technical assistance facility co-financed by the Asian Development Bank and the governments of Australia and New Zealand.