10 May 2014

What is PSDI doing in Competition policy in Samoa?

PSDI was approached by the Samoa Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Labor to assist in developing a competition policy, which will then be used as the basis for a new competition law. In 2012 and the first half of 2013, a framework for the analysis of competition issues in Samoa was developed. A consultation paper sets out the role of competition, competition law, and competition policy in Samoa’s further economic development; proposals for a national competition policy for Samoa; and a policy development path, leading to recommendations to the Cabinet for a national competition policy and possible new legislation to follow.
The objective of the national competition policy is to sustain and promote the process of competition in markets within Samoa, in the interests of enhancing economic welfare and sustainable, equitable economic development. The draft national competition policy includes:
  • proposals for new laws to uphold competition in Samoa’s markets;
  • proposals for tasking an agency with responsibility for overseeing competition in Samoa’s markets and equipping it to carry out that responsibility;
  • proposals for policies on matters directly affecting competition in Samoa’s markets, such as state-owned enterprises, professional services, and the administration of government; and
  • proposals for policies on matters directly affecting the ability of businesses in Samoa to compete in regional and international markets.
The consultation paper has received comments, which will be incorporated into a competition law in 2014.