9 December 2013

Solomon Islands: Barriers to the Economic Empowerment of Women

The aim of this study is to alert stakeholders to the impediments faced by women seeking to engage in the private sector. By doing so it informs stakeholders of the need to design strategies and interventions that are both sensitive to the needs of women, and address inherent inequalities.

1 December 2013

ADB backs SOE reforms by the Government of Palau

ADB SOE expert, Laure Darcy presents at
the Palau Economic Symposium in November.
NEWoperating principles guiding state-owned enterprises (SOEs) announced by the Government of Palau have been welcomed as an import milestone in the economic reform process for the small island state. The SOE policy principles were presented at an Economic Symposium in Koror on Nov 21st, where a commitment was made by the Minister of Finance, the Honorable Elbuchel Sadang, to receive public comments and then prepare a draft law for submission to Congress. The key principles are: