25 September 2013

Law reforms will open up business in Vanuatu, PSDI tells Radio NZI

PSDI's Business Law advisor Terry Reid talks to Radio New Zealand International about the implications for doing business in Vanuatu of the recent passage of modernized business laws. He told RNZI's Bridget Tunnicliffe that PSDI is working with the Vanuatu government to make setting up and running local businesses smoother.
TERRY REID: Recently, the government passed a suite of laws - the Companies Act, the Companies (Insolvency and Receivership) Act and an Insolvency (Cross Border) Act, which effectively gives the country an entire new company law framework, which will make it more accessible for the vanuatu private sector.
BRIDGET TUNNICLIFFE: And what has the ABD's role been in the process?

20 September 2013

NEWS RELEASE: New company laws pave way for better business in Vanuatu

PSDI commenced consultations with the Vanuatu Financial
Services Commission in Port Vila in September. 
PORT VILA, VANUATU – The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has welcomed the passage of the Companies (Insolvency and Receivership) Act and the Insolvency (Cross Border) Act in Vanuatu. The new Act in combination with the Companies Act passed in 2012 will make it easier for local people to conduct business.
ADB and the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) supported drafting of the legislation through their co-financed Pacific Private Sector Development Initiative (PSDI).