2 July 2013

ADB President Nakao praises AusAID partnership on PSDI

Following his first visit in July to Australia in his new role, Asian Development Bank President, Takehiko Nakao, has posted over at AusAID's Engage blog about PSDI and ADB's strengthening relationship with Australia:
"Through the PSDI, we are working with governments in the Pacific to lay the groundwork for a thriving private sector which, in turn, will drive inclusive growth.
"...I am pleased to see that the PSDI is indeed making a difference in the lives of the poor. One concrete outcome is an innovative mobile phone-linked initiative in Papua New Guinea, which has reduced transaction costs, increased security, and given 10,000 Papua New Guineans first-time access to financial services.
"We at ADB are proud to partner with Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific island countries on this and other important initiatives. Working together, we can help create a better life for people of the Pacific, and the hope of a stable, more prosperous Asia and Pacific region that we all can enjoy."
- Read more at: Engage